Saturday, 4 December 2010

All Time Low's Zack Talks About Clothing Line

All Time Low's Zack Merrick has been a busy guy lately. Not only has the band just finished recording their latest album but Zack is now trying his hand at designing with the launch of his clothing line in association with Kill Brand. Zack spoke to New Kicks about the line, Ammerickan Dream.

How did the clothing label idea come about?

Well Jonny from KIll brand wanted to buy some photo prints that i took. then we went back and forth with ideas that eventually turned into a clothing line.

What's the ideology behind your designs?

I get inspiration while i am traveling, i always have a camera and write down whatever idea i have for designs.
Why do you think people should buy your clothing as opposed to all the other great brands that are out at the moment?

That's the beauty of living in America, you can buy what you want.

Will you be in direct competition with Jack's clothing line now?

No not all. It's just clothing, people don't wear only 1 brand of tee shirt. We have had the line together for a year now and there has never been a problem. We all support each other.

There are quite a few bands starting clothing lines at the moment. Why do you think this is the case?

When it comes down to it it's a business. It's more of a way to put your bands name out there and in my case, have fun.

Have you always been interested in fashion and what got you into it in the first place?

I'm into fashion and I like making designs and bringing anything i am passionate about to the table.

Does your concentrating on Ammerickan Dream mean that All Time Low will take a backseat for the time being?

No, Music is my life. I do this for fun.

Do you have any plans to come to the UK any time soon?

Yes in February.

How's the new album coming along?
And what can we expect from it?

The album is pretty much done and is coming out in March, no exact date yet. You can expect new songs... with our same vibe while staying true to our music.

How does it feel to be on the cover of the Alternative Press "Most Anticiptated of 2011" issue?

It feels pretty darn good to see my face by itself on the cover of a magazine.

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