Monday, 21 February 2011

My Chemical Romance

It's a cold, dark friday night in Manchester and New Kicks are about to see one of the biggest bands in the world right now, My Chemical Romance.

The excitement in the venue is palpable and rightly so since this is a band who have gone from strength to strength in the years since the release of what was arguably their breakthrough album, Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge.

In those years MCR have built up a reputation for themselves as an incredibly spirited and elaborate live band. Something that shocks us to realise is lacking from tonight's show. The band begin their set with the Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys single, 'Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)'.

They continue with their set playing an abundance of songs from the new album and Gerard Way impresses about 25% of the audience (the ones who are over the age of twenty) with a quick rendition of 'Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now' by legendary Manchester band, The Smiths.

The band are on top form but the set tonight is very much focused on Danger Days. The crowd don't have much in the way of complaint but the set would definitely benefit from some more songs from The Black Parade album. This is only confirmed when the biggest cheer of the night goes to the single first note of it's title track, 'Welcome to the Black Parade.'

The show reaches an unexpected low when the band finishes with 'Cancer', a song that, like it's title suggests, is a melancholic and desperately upsetting look at death. Why MCR would choose to close their set with such a downer is slightly disappointing but it only adds to the variety they have displayed tonight.

Gerard Way is a born frontman and looks like a cross between Billy Corgan and something Tim Burton forgot to draw. This makes him the perfect spokesman for a band who have gained a cult following. Despite the lack of special effects and fancy lighting, My Chemical Romance know how to deliver a great live show.


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