Thursday, 21 April 2011


Manchester Orchestra
14th April 2011
Considering the last time I was in this venue, there was sweat dripping off the walls and almost everyone in the room seemed to be drugged up to the eyeballs, tonight’s rock affair seemed to transform it into a totally different place.

The first and only support band, Life In Film were something different. All dressed up like an indie band can, their sound was something spectacular. Although the sound wasn’t great, and I could hear the people on the other side of the room better than the band, the lead singer’s voice was magical, and had something of a Kings of Leon drawl and tone to it. For a band that good it is surprising they are still so underground, and, no offence to the sold out gig, but not supporting someone bigger in more commercial venues.

Manchester Orchestra are a band that are magical to listen to, emotion and lyrically bursting, but yet when you see them live the songs are experienced in such a different way yet the emotion and power of them seems even more raw. Highlights of the set included a Weezer rendition (Buddy Holly) when trying to tune their guitars and a song called 50 Cent, funnily enough all about 50 Cent and how he should work with them. I guess the band’s own songs were magical too, Wolves at Night, I’ve got Friends and Colly Strings, but the request session during their super quick encore was a bit disappointing as they couldn’t play any of the songs that were suggested! It was more a ‘this venue has a tight curfew lets cram in 16 songs without stopping’ gig, but that worked, it worked with their sound, the atmosphere and it built excitement. Next time they come over they should learn the words to their own songs and surprise us with ‘I can feel a hot one’.


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