Tuesday, 21 June 2011


Sound Control/ The Retro Bar
The Cape Race

Sunday night was quite a predicament for me because there was not only one brilliant gig on in Manchester, but two. The solution? Go to both.

Gig number one was at Sound Control, a relatively new live music venue which I’ve only recently discovered. Held in the smaller of several rooms, tonight’s gig was a last minute “secret” show put together by ever growing Manchester promoter, Pop, Bubble, Rock.

Unfortunately I missed the first band but got there just in time for Ghost Saddles. This band is the new project of The Maple State’s Greg. The music was definitely heartfelt and in the vein of Brand New and The Smiths. Perfect Sunday evening music but I couldn’t help but wish the whole thing was a little livelier. 

Next Stop Atlanta
Next up was The Cape Race. The one thing this band cannot be accused of is a dull live show. If you want crowd interaction and catchy sing along choruses then this is your band. The Cape Race seem to be going from strength to strength in anticipation of their debut album, Now, Voyager. 

Highlights of their set included first single ‘They’re Young, They’re in Love’ (I’m pretty sure at least seventy per cent of the crowd were singing along to this) and upcoming single, The Reprieve. 

After The Cape Race we made our way over to the Retro Bar for gig number two. As we walked downstairs we could hear something very promising and when we got inside sure enough there was an awesome pop punk band called Next Stop Atlanta rocking the stage. 

The atmosphere at this gig was altogether more energetic than gig number one and this band really drew you in. The fact that their singer was wearing a Katy Perry t shirt wasn’t even the best part about Next Stop Atlanta. (Honestly, their guitarist had an Alan Partridge/ The Starting Line one on) Their songs were bouncy and fun and in the vein of Hey Monday. They introduced us to the show very nicely. 

Save Your Breath
Next up were headliners Save Your Breath. Unbelievably I’d never heard them before but as soon as they opened their set I knew that I would love them. Mixing pop punk sensibilities with slightly heavier riffs, their overall sound was like The Wonder Years having a punch up with Polar Bear Club. 

The crowd were well into it and despite being few in numbers, made up for it in singing and fist pumping. Save Your Breath are definitely the kind of band you need to see live and The Retro Bar is the perfect venue for their pop punk sounds. 

The intimacy of the venue made it a special show but the band proved their worth with the power of their songs. Check out this band if you get the chance.


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