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Interview: No Trigger

It's going to be a good year for melodic punk band No Trigger. Since 2006's Canyoneer, they released 7” EP Be Honest, signed to No Sleep Records and are now in the process of recording their second full-length studio album. We caught up with guitarist, Jon for a chat about signing to No Sleep, crashing webstores and what we can expect from the forthcoming album...
Can you tell us what you're up to right now?
We just got back from our first Australian Tour. It was our first time making it over there and it was one of the best tours to date. Such an amazing response after not having any shows for about three years now. We can't wait to get back there. Next month we will be heading to Europe as well for a string of headline dates as well as playing this year's GroezRock Festival in Belgium.
We hear you're planning on releasing an album sometime this year. Are you in the process of writing/ recording this now?
Yes we are. The writing process is always a long one with us. Probably the longest out of any band ever actually. We are so excited to finally get these songs out. We have been working on this record for about 4 years now. Everyone has been extremely busy with their day to day lives, but when it comes to the writing, we are giving it our all.
What attracted you to No Sleep Records?
No Sleep Records was the perfect match for us. We wanted to feel like we were a part of a family-style record label. These guys are young, ambitious and are doing it right. They have terrific bands on board and will not stop working to put out your next favorite band. We couldn't be happier.
What can we expect from the album?
With 4 years of writing and compiling our songs, you can expect the next No Trigger record to be steps above Canyoneer. We felt like we gave it our all with that record. I think that's why it has taken us so long to get this one out. It being the only full length any of our members recorded at the time, this next record is filled with six + years of growing not only as individuals but musicians as well.
How did the decision to release Be Honest on 7" format come about? Are any of you collectors?
The idea came to push some of the stuff we have been working on for our deserving fans to see what we have been up to. With finally doing this next record, we wanted to get some excitement and anticipation going. Even for ourselves! It was great to get everyone back into the studio and get those tracks down. Vinyl has had such an amazing response with this generation and we have never done a 7''. It worked out really well.
What was the reaction to the EP like?
We released "Be Honest" with Mightier Than Sword. We have known RJ (of MTS records) for a while and he has worked with some bands that are really close to us. He sparked a lot of interest in helping us out with the release. We couldn't have asked for anything more than for what MTS offered. We even crashed the MTS webstore when pre-orders were announced. Apparently, the Blink 182 releases didn't even do that! That's pretty monumental.
How does the songwriting process work for you? Do you all write together?
It takes all of us in a room to develop how our songs come to life. We are always going back and re-working songs until we all are super comfortable with them. It is quite a long process, but it's worth it. We have been doing things a little differently with this record. Since everyone is so busy, there is more time focused on structuring and developing with one another rather than as a whole.
Do you all have similar musical tastes?
We sure do. We have all grown up together and have always been involved in the same music scene. Whenever someone finds a new band they are stoked on, everyone gets stoked on them. There's never an issue with No Trigger's playlists. Want one?!
Who are the band's main influences and who are yours?
We grew up on the Fat Wreck Chords, Epitaph scene. All those bands from the 90's and early 2000's I would say form our main influences. We were actually invited to play Good Riddance's final three shows in California back in '07. That and recording with Bill Stevenson (Descendents, Black Flag etc) were pinnacle points for No Trigger.
My main influences stem from growing up on a very music oriented family. My mom introducing me to Def Leppard and Billy Squier, Dad showing me how to play Smoke On The Water by Deep Purple, to me discovering punk from Green Day to Nofx. I'm influenced by anything that gives you that feeling of passion through the music.
Are you planning on coming to the UK when the album is released?
Absolutely! We love coming to the UK. Be on the lookout. We have been talking about our next UK tour and can't wait to get over there.
What do you particularly enjoy about touring?
Touring for us is like a vacation. We make sure to visit anything from state parks to national monuments on all our tours. We are sightseers. Getting to do all this while meeting new people and playing our music for them is the best ever.
Do you have any favourite places to play?
Gainesville Florida's No Idea Fest, Australia, and can't forget you guys over in the UK!
Do you think the UK and US crowds differ in any obvious ways?
You guys go nuts in the UK! I don't know if it's the water or what, maybe the cheap beers too. But seriously, the appreciation is much more emphasized in foreign crowds. It's almost like you never know when that band will be back so you have to give it your all. Tom (singer) and I flew out to California years ago when we heard Randy was making their first appearance to the states. We had a blast.
Which songs get the best reaction when you play live and do these reflect your favourite ones to play?
With only one record and an EP to work with we try to mold our set the best we can. The heavy fun hitters for me would be Not So Noble Purveyors, More to Offer and Tundra Kids. We get requests for older songs and try to have everything under our belts just in case!
Are there any bands you're listening to at the moment that you think more people should know about?
Make sure to check out Such Gold! Those guys just embarked their first world tour and are killing it right now. I've been rocking Balance & Composure and a lot of older stuff like Rage and Live. Never forget your roots.
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