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True Things are a pop punk band from New Jersey. Their current album, 'Alone in My Room' is out now on Bandcamp and they've just started work on their next album. Singer, James Corbi chatted to NEW KICKS about what the band is up to at the moment.

How are you doing? What's happening with True Things at the moment?

I'm doing fine. At the moment we're working on a lot of new songs. We start pre-production demoing with Jake Clarke from Daylight this coming weekend, we're all really excited about that.

For those people in the UK who haven't heard you, could you give a brief history of your band.

Well Brandon and I met a few years back playing in our old band. We both parted ways but stayed in touch with each other. I had been working on demos for a while and asked him if he was interested in pursuing them and he agreed. We later asked Gabe and Bob to join on guitar. They agreed as well. 

You used to sing in I Call Fives. Why did that come to an end?

It's honestly like opening pandora's box with that issue. Let's just say we weren't getting along.
What was your main aim when starting True Things?

To create a band that had more layers than anything I/ we've ever done before. Something that was a genuine influence. We're all extremely excited to be releasing new material. Listeners are not expecting it at all.

According to your Myspace page your music sounds "like breaking up with your first girlfriend." Are your songs generally about personal experiences?

On the first record, yes. Even on the newer songs too. I was just really hung up on some stupid shit back then.


What inspires you to write?

I was just explaining to a friend of mine recently that I have had very little inspiration since I haven't really been dealing with anything that heavy lately. But he definitely made me realise there's a lot going on around me I should be taking that into account and maybe focus on that for a while. It has made things easier the past few days of working on new songs.

Have you started work on your next album yet? If so, what can we expect?

Yes. We're going to be recording a full length record 13+ songs to be released sometime in the near future. Tracking will be taking place June 2011.

What are your favourite experiences of playing shows and where are your favourite places to play?

Cincinnati, Columbus and Cleveland Ohio hands down. Ohio as a whole. We've got a lot of great friends out there and kids are very supportive of us; especially since we haven't been a band that long. Plus Ohio kids come out to shows, as opposed to other scenes. I have a lot of love for Texas and Omaha, Nebraska too. Two of the most underrated scenes in my opinion. New Jersey, Philadelphia, and Wilkes-Barre, PA are all backed extremely hard as well.

Who are your major musical influences, both as a band and individually?

We all have very similar yet diverse influences. Ranging from American Nightmare to Big L to Supertouch to Katy Perry. We're all fans of 90's Straight Edge Hardcore, New York Hardcore, Punk, Alternative/Hard Rock and Rap/Hip Hop. If we had to say what influenced this band it would be an extremely hard question since none of the material we have out besides a couple faster songs resemble anything close to what was just mentioned. We're really excited to release new songs. It will really define our sound and our influences will become a lot more apparent.    

Can you recommend some bands to us that we may not have heard over here yet?

Honestly, UK/Europe is way more on top of new music than America. I'm sure if i just heard that band today you guys heard about them two weeks before I did.


If I could just recommend one album it would be Cold Cave's 'Cherish The Light Years'.
When are you guys going to come to the UK? We can't wait to see you play!

I would love to say soon but airfare is extremely expensive as well as all the other expenses we'd have to cover. We'll see what 2011 brings.

What's next for True Things? Any exciting plans to tell us about?

New records and summer tour dates definitely.

Interview: 5/4/11

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