Sunday, 10 April 2011


The Swellers 
Manchester Academy 2
Friday 8.4.11

The Swellers have been to the UK twice within the last six months and although they’re becoming increasingly popular, it’s a wonder they haven’t done their own headline tour yet.

Despite an incredible last album (2009's 'Ups and Downsizing') and relentless touring in the US, UK fans still haven’t really caught onto them. 

Tonight’s academy 2 gig is sold out due to the fact that the headlining act is The Blackout. It’s refreshing to see The Swellers set up their own gear before opening with Do You Feel Better Yet?

With each song the crowd become more and more rapturous and when singer, Nick Diener introduces a new song as “the best song ever written” they can hardly contain themselves causing possibly the biggest circle pit academy 2 has ever seen. 

The band is confident and energetic, genuinely happy to be in Manchester. They play a set that is mostly from ‘Ups and Downsizing’ and when they throw in an older song (Bottles), you definitely start to get excited about the prospect of a new album.

Highlights include, 2009, Welcome back Riders, and Fire Away. By the time they’re done, there’s no need to watch The Blackout. They will only disappoint after a set like this.


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